Fresher's Events

The Quizzing Club will introduce newcomers to the style of quizzing in college and show them how to quiz! This will be followed by some freshers only quizzes, all in the months of August and September.

League Quizzes

The Quizzing Club conducts a Quizzing League every year, with an auction occurring at the start of the year to form 6 teams. These 6 teams battle it put throughout the year in 6 quizzes, each with varying topics and formats. These include the India Quiz, the Variety Quiz (on Music, Technology, Travel & History), the Jeopardy Quiz and more.

Themed Quizzes

A series of fun, light-hearted quizzes that we will conduct on topics like popular TV shows, movies, sports, India, etc.

Occam's Razor

The 2 stage interhostel quiz will be conducted in February, in which all 13 hostels battle it out in the prelims, and 6 qualify for the finals.

Lone Wolf

A solo quiz that will occur in February, that is the ultimate test for a quizzer in IIT.


TA solo quiz that tests your mastery of one field, like Sports, History, Entertainment, etc in a rapid fire format. The winner gets the prestigious Mastermind Trophy. Held in April.