Quiz type fresher event, serves as Lit Club 101. Questions test player's knowledge of novels, both classic and contemporary. Games like Pictionary and Dumb Charades, played to unlock clues to questions, add to the fun.

Mirch Masala

It is the second ‘fresher exclusive’ event of the Literary club and is usually held in the last week of September. Its main motive is to introduce freshers to the Literary Club and focusses on Indian literature, the cinematic aspects as well as popular and contemporary authors.

Reader's Circle

Book discussion are an integral part of the Literary Club as they aim to improve the reading culture among the IIT fraternity. Discussions are held all year round and usually include topics from popular culture and new releases.


Knockout scrabble tourney. Standard rules, winner rules. May the person with the best vocabulary win.

3 Muses

Interhostel event, teams of 3. Similar to Potpourri, but a step further. Answers to questions form connects which link to form a mega connect. Serves as Lit Club 999.


Sopaan is one of the premier events of the Literary club and held on a quizzing-based platform. It is a one-of-its-kind Indian Mythology cum Bollywood themed quiz which aims to endorse Indian mythology in the IIT fraternity so as to generate an interest among them. It is usually preceded by Mirch Masala in the literary club calendar.