Calligraphy Workshop

For the first time in IIT Delhi! Ever wanted to write your name in fancy? It's easy, just learn Calligraphy! Calligraphy workshop aims at making you familiar with the basics of calligraphy. The strokes, angle and other technical details that will help you master this ancient form of expression.

Charcoal Painting

Drawing pencil are often considered sturdy, reliable and precise. Charcoal, on the other hand is a wild counterpart: bold, dramatic and daring. It provides the richness, wrapped in a completely unique experience. Using this versatile medium we can create extremely realistic, sensitive sketches.Smudging and spreading to give depth and perception. Let yourself go expressive and gestural.

Rules: Each student must submit an individual entry. The art-pirlece must be made from black charcoal accompanied by 2 other colours.

Oil Painting

The High Renaissance is known for its spectacular works of art, such as its awe-inspiring paintings, which owe their beauty and memorability to oil paints. Work with oil paints, blend colours and add a great mount of details in your paintings. Paint like Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, no kidding!

Wall Painting

Bored of expressing your creativity on small piece of paper? Now impart your imagination on a massive scale, paint a whole wall in your colours! Start from scratch, from applying putty to level out the wall to makking your art on it. Painting with wallpaints is fun, it's cool, it's massive! Make a statement and dazzle everyone.