Open British Parliamentary Debate

Starting off the year with the most widespread form of debating in the world, The British Parliamentary. Teams of two compete are pitted against each other in groups of four to win this tournament.

Fresher’s Orientation

The event covers the details of DebSoc, introduction of the reps, and most importantly, has a mock debate which introduces the newcomers to the art of arguing. This is followed the reps taking practices and encouraging participation in the club.


After a few weeks of ‘extempore’ training, the freshers finally get a platform to put their wits to the test. Around 20 freshers are selected through the initial extempore rounds to battle it out in Asian Parliamentary 2v2 debates. Vigorously trained by the hostel representatives and seniors, the freshers try to outwit their competitors to emerge victorious and earn the prestigious title of ‘Stalwart’.


Debutant is the DebSoc way of celebrating Rendezvous. With over 30 teams, 100 adjes and prestigious Chief Adjudicators, Debutant is now one of the largest fresher tournaments in the Delhi circuit. Following standard 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate format, freshers get a chance to announce themselves in the debating circuit.

Asian Parliamentary Debate (Within a mentor group)

After being trained by the mentors for two months, it is now time to put your skills to the test. Form teams and battle it out for your mentor group. It’ll be a clash of titans, each mentor not only showing off his own skills, but also the skills of his mentees.

Debating Workshops (In collaboration with HuSS department)

An all year round programme, wherein students from any year can sit in and attend talks and lectures by eminent professors from our Humanities Department and broaden their minds. Aimed to fill the void all our debaters have in knowledge of non-technical subjects such as economics, philosophy, history etc, this move is perhaps the best way to make IIT Delhi a force to reckon with in the Debating Circuits all over India.

Intra IIT-PD

Back to basics guys. Form teams of 3, battle it out in the classic 3v3 format. A golden chance to prove your mettle and get the tag of the best debater of IIT to kick start the semester


IIT Parliament Debate, the signature event of DebSoc. Taking place early in the second semester, it attracts debaters from all over India, vying to take home the huge cash prize and the trophy. Additionally it provides the debating junta of IIT the invaluable experience of conducting such a large event, and a chance to interact with the crème-de-la-crème of debaters.

Fresher’s PD

After a year of training and participation in open and external events, it’s time for Stalwarts Part II, but this time, a full-fledged 3v3 debating tournament, for freshers to prove their worth and aim to go into their Sophomore year as the best Fresher Debaters of the institute.