IIT Delhi Board of Recreational and Creative Activities
BRCA stands for the Board of Recreational and Creative Activties. It consists of the following nine clubs that conduct events -- competitive and non-competitive throughout the year in IIT Delhi. BRCA also conducts Rendezvous each year, which is one of the largest college cultural festivals in India..
Dance and Dramatics Club| English Debating and Literary Club| Fine Arts Club| Film Series Committee|Hindi Samiti|Indoor Sports Club| Music Club| Photography and Hobbies Society| Quizzing Club

Dance and Dramatics Club

The Dance and Dramatisc Club is one of the most popular clubs of IIT Delhi. It attracts widespread participation and audiences for all events. The club primarily has 4 competitive events - Street Play, Duo Dance, Stage Pla and Group Dance. The street play and the stage play events in Rendezvous are also under the ambit of this club. At the end of the year the club organises the Institute Dance Production and the Institute Play Production to showcase the best talent in the institute.

English Debating and Literary Club

The English Debating and Literary Club is the club which creates orators out of engineers and promotes lietrary awareness and knowledge of the English language. It is one fo the most active clubs of IITD with events held regularly throughout the year. There are various competitive and non-competitive events like Extempore, Stalwart, JAM, Crytptic Crosswords, Word Games, Puzzles and Parliamentary Debates which provide ample oppurtunities to hone your existing skills and develop new ones.

Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club organises many workshops and events like Charcoal painting, Oil Painting, Water Colouring, Glass Painting etc. Besides many craft related events like Clay Modelling are also there.

Film Series Committee

The Film Series Committee is regarded as one of the bigest entertainer clubs of the BRCA. Movies are screened time to time throughout the year at OAT, Seminar Hall and the Dogra Hall which are enjoyed by students as well as the faculty of IITD. FSC has evolved from its customary screening of mere movies to a wide variety of theme based movies and documentaries. Various workshops are conducted on movie making throughout the year. At the hostel level, a short film making competition is conducted by us. Moreover, at the institute level, movie making competitions are organised in the annual cultural fest 'Rendezvous' of IIT Delhi in which participants from various other institutes come and show their skills. Besides this, we also have a Fi;m Festival and the Annaul Movie Quiz 'Filmi-Chakkar.'

Hindi Samiti

Hindi Samiti Info

Indoor Sports Club

For the quick witted IITians, the ISC Club is the place to be. ISC organises a variety of events, be it mind games like Chess, strategic card games such as bridge, games requiring skills, like billiards, and other games like Carrom and Scrabble. These games demans patience and perseverance, qualities that are the key to success in every aspect of life. In the activities of the club, there are five major comp events, namely Chess, Carrom, Bridge, Scrabble and Cue Combat (pool, snooker and billiards.) Apart from these, there are many other interesting events like hearts, checkers, LAN gaming, Anti-chess, which are open for everyone.

Music Club

Music Club provides you oppurtunities to explore as well as develop your tealent in music through various inter hostel and inter college events. Apart from this you can take part in events like Malhaar and Distortionare where you can give performance in collaboration with students of other colleges.

Photography and Hobbies Society

This club is one of the most happening club at IITD and is associated with events and workshops ranging from photography to mind crunching number games like Sudoku and fun filled skating, and from traditioonal hobbies like kite flying to more trendy ones like Graphic and Web designing. PAHS will definitely provide an oppurtunity to all the individuals to show their talent by indulging in events related to their hobbies and beat the stress.

Quizzing Club

This club is for those with an insatiable curiosity about the world around us. Ranging from movies, music, sports, history etc. quizzes in IIT test the knowledge in a wide variety of fields. However, quizzes in IIT are not about testing knowledge, but also about how one can work out the correct answer using a given set of clues, similar to solving crosswords, puzzles etc. The club has the maximum number of eventes, with enough quizzes in a variety of formats to keep you busy week in, week out. The club also organises a variety of quizzes during Rendezvous which are invariably the highlight of the college quizzing calendar in India.
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